Breaking News “The Connell Aviation and Bar”


"The Connell Aviation and Bar…."Bar"….now has a new flat screen TV "upgrade"

Now, it will be posiible to watch Carolina "ass-whippings" in HD!!!"

14 thoughts on “Breaking News “The Connell Aviation and Bar”

  1. Great website Greg!
    Can’t wait to come out for a visit, have a cold one and watch some football on the new flatscreen.

  2. Looks great Greg. I’ll be over this weekend to watch the Wyndham Championship with you. Can I land my plane there?

    1. Tig,

      I doubt you can land a G-4 @ Twin Lakes!!!….However, if you do stop by, leave your bad attitude and your “girlfriends” @ home!!!

  3. It’s about time you classed it up over there Greg! Great looking website. Looking forward to seeing you fly at Boshears.

  4. WOWEE… THAT has got to be the Swankiest “redneck” bar I have ever seen. Almost NYC -like. I say, you be stylin’ Mr. Greco !!! When is the pool party? Got some bikini girls ordered up!!

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