The Wolfpitts

The GCA “Wolfpitts” is a Steve Wolf designed, custom-built biplane using the latest technology, and “state of the art” materials and construction methods. These “High-Tech” materials and building techniques, that are normally reserved exclusively for the manufacturing of military jet aircraft and F-1 Race Cars, results in the end product being the highest performance, most aerobatically capable biplane in the world!

The GCA “Wolfpitts” is proudly powered by a “Pen Yan Aero engines” pumped up IO-540, with cold Air induction, 6 into 1 exhaust, and many other custom mods, which produces more than 360+ Horsepower! The Pen Yan engine is swinging a 3 blade MT propeller. The GCA “Wolfpitts” displays an “Aircraft Studio Design” paint scheme that was “meticulously applied by “Ripley Air”. This unique paint scheme shows really well in the sky and is designed to compliment the “military” on the ground!

The “Wolfpitts” unique combination of having an extremely high power to weight ratio, along with being incredibly agile, enables the “Wolfpitts” to perform maneuvers normally only performed by the highest capable “monoplanes”!