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The Pitts Model 12

The Pitts Model 12 is the 12th design by legendary aircraft designer Curtis Pitts. The “Standard” Model 12 is an extremely High Performance, Unlimited Aerobatic capable, Radial engine powered Biplane. The “Greg Connell Airshows” Model 12 ratchets up the level of performance even more than the ridiculously incredible abilities of the “Standard” Model 12!!

Performance enhancements to the “Connell Model 12” include: a “Barrett Precision Engines” modified M14 Radial engine which boosts the power output to well over 400 HP!!!.These mods also increase the “torque” of the engine which swings a massive 102″  3 blade MT Prop!!!

The “Connell Model 12” is the only two place Model 12 in the world with the single place wings and aelerons!!!This wing-aeleron combination gives this massive biplane an incredibly fast roll rate!!!

The extensive use of carbon Fiber and meticulous attention paid to weight reduction during the construction process of the Connell Model 12, makes this aircraft one of the most exiting, most capable aircraft on the airshow circuit today!!!

The “Greg Connell Airshows” Model 12 is “billed” as an amazingly exciting airplane that has “WARBIRD PRESENCE AND POWER WITH PITTS AGILITY AND ATTITUDE!!”

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